Divorce, Child Support, Paternity, Parenting Time/Visitation & GRandparents Rights

Contested & Uncontested Divorce

In  an  uncontested  divorce  the  parties  agree  on  the  terms  of  a  settlement.    In  a  contested  divorce  there  is  a  trial  and  a  judge  decides  the  terms  of  the  divorce.    Understanding  the  rules  can  be  vital  in  deciding  whether  or  not  to  take  your  case  to  court.    Come  and  see  us  for  a  free  consult.    


Child Support

Often  where  children  are  involved  one  parent  will  be  required  to  pay  child  support  to  the  other  parent.    Factors  like  daycare  expenses,  insurance  payments  and  time  spent  with  the  child  can  affect  the  amount  of  a  support  payment.    Having  someone  who  knows  the  rules  on  your  side  can  save  you  money.



When  a  child  is  born  to  two  people  who  are  not  married  to  each  other  a  court  will need  to  define  the  father’s  rights  and  obligations  regarding  the  child.    This  is  true  even  if  the  father  signed  documents  at  the  hospital.    Having  your  rights  established  by  the  court  early  on  can  save  you  months  of  waiting  for  a  court  date once  a  dispute  arises.


Parenting Time/Visitation

Parenting  Time  describes  when  a  child  is  with  each  parent.    Typically  parenting  time  orders  divide  weekends,  holidays,  birthdays  and  vacations  from  school.    Having  the  help  of  a  professional  in  creating  a  parenting  time  order  can  maximize quality  time  with  your  child.  


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